Jesse Kudler
musician, composer, sound artist, etc.
  working with improvisation, collaboration, site-specificity
guitar, electronics, radios, tapes, recordings, text
philadelphia, pa

More soon.

6.22.17 Improvised trio Cheer-Accident, MAP, Millevoi/Kud/Litwin at Sera Phi!, Phila, PA
 6.1.17 Listen here to some talk and recordings on "Section Cut" with $3.33 on
5.27.17 New organ piece premiered at Organ for the Senses, San Diego
3.1.17 Workshop and installation, Fleisher Art Memorial
1.28.17-4.30.17 Sounds for David Kessler's "The Peasants Shouldn't Know How Good It Is,"
exhibited as part of Due South 2017 at the Delaware Contemporary
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